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Welcome to Isfara

Isfara is a town in the Soghd Region, northern Tajikistan.

In the 10:th century, Isfara was an important point on the Great Silk Road. The Northern branch of Silk Road, led from Samarkand via Khojand to Isfara, Kokand and continued further to Kashgar, India and Afganistan across the mountains.

The cultural traditions of the Tajiks are best preserved in this partr of the country.

Isfara is situated some hour car driving to east from Xojand, in Tajikistan. See map

Name of town: Isfara
Population: c. 10,000
Language: Tajik
Transportation: Daily buses from Khojand.
Tajikistan Airlines service from Munich to Dushanbe, or from Moscow to Khojand .

What to see

Visiting one of these beautiful, pleasant and calm teahouses, specially those along side the river in Isfara is a must.

The Hazrati Shoh Mausoleum located in Chorku, near Isfara, is of carved wood and dates from the 10th to 11th centuries. It is unique to Central Asia There are also a 19th century mos que and a modern mausoleum in the same complex .
Abdullo khon Mosque in Isfara is worth seeing.

Chorkuh village
Quite a new aspect of the 11th - 12th century architecture is opened by the Hazrati Bobo mausoleum discovered in 1964 in the Chorkuh village (not far from Isfara) - a unique and, possibly, the only preserved wooden mausoleum in Central Asia. Odd-shaped columns, figured consoles reminding of fantastic birds, images of snakes webbed into the ornament go back to the pre-Islamic art traditions.

Getting around
Mountainess village of Vorukh (Vorux)
Vorukh, the highest village in the valley of Isfara, is located on the altitude 1400 m. in the south. Many trekking program tourists start from Vorukh.
It' amazingly contrasted of the nature of that district where the travelers pass snow zone and ice to Alpine meadow and amazingly comfy and cordial grove in one day. The best time is for travelers in that region from the beginning of July till September inclusively.
The Mausoleum of Muhamad Bashoro is a masterful example of ancient architecture.
Dating from the 11th -16th centuries, it is 30 km from Isfara. A shrine at Langar Mohyan, to a very famous thirteenth-century theologian, Imam Umar Abdulaziz.Visiting Khojand: A daily travel to ancient and beautiful town of Khojand is a must.

Trekking on the Roof of the World
Isfara district offer some of the best mountaineering and trekking opportunities in the world. The remoteness, variety of mountains, colourful and friendly local communities, relative ease of access and stable weather make this one of your most highly exciting destinations.
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