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Around Sayram peak

One of the most beautiful place in the West Tien-Shan - mountain massif Ugamskiy range of the Sayram peak (4238m). It situated 180 km on the North -East from Tashkent city. This area looks different than others landscapes of Tien-Shan (51m), the nature concentrated all beauty of mountain relief, tourists can see here: thickets of juniper and birch forest, wonderful alpine meadows, unusual nice lakes and cascades, four thousand's snowing peaks, icefalls and glaciers. Itinerary goes on the territory of two republics - Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Day 1 Arrival in Tashkent. transfer to Kazakhstan in the valley of Sayram river. Night in the"Sayram" camp. Nice panorama of Sayram's mountain massif. 170km. 5 hrs, H=1700 m.
Day 2 Passage along Sazan-Ata river to Silbili high-mountain lake's valley. Nice landscape alpine meadows. Camp under the"Sayram" peak L=8km, T=5h. H=2900m.
Day 3 Ascent on the Sayram pass (3790m). Impressive panorama from high top of pass. Return to the camp.
Day 4 Passage on the upper of Sayram river in the nice birch forest"Kirgila" L=10km. T=5h. Camp. H=2000m.
Day 5 One day of excursion to the Blue lakes.
Day 6 Strenuous day. Passage under the Semi pass. Camp on the moraine of glacier. L=6km. T=6h. H=3200m.
Day 7 Crossing Semi pass (3620m). Descent to the alpine meadows of Anaulgen river. L=10km. T=6h. H=2500m.
Day 8 Descent along Anaulgen river to the valley of Pskem river. L=12km. T=5h. H=1500m.
Day 9 transfer to Tashkent. During way stop-station of Charvak water-reserve. Swimming. Arrival to Tashkent be evening. Accommodation in the Hotel.
Day 10 transfer to the airport. Departure from Tashkent.

Days 10
Season June - Oktober

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