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Khan-Tengry (6992 m)

The knot of the massive renges Kokshaal-Too Meridionalny, Sarydjaski, Tengri-Tag, Inilchekski and Kaindy has the name"MUSTAG" - The Ice Mountain. The climate is sharply continental, dry and rigorous. The summer is short, average temperature of 7 centigrade. Central Tien-Shan is situated in the same latitude as the Mediterranean Sea. Eastern part of Pamir is Tien-Shan. It is a complex with the length of 2500 km., which was divided between Kazakhstan, Kyrghyztan, Chine. The highest peaks Khan-Tengry ( 6992 m.), Pobeda ( 7439 m.) lay on the border of these states. Inylchek (62 km.) glacier is the most lengthy glacier in this high-altitude region of Central Asia.

This tour offers you an excellent chance to get acquainted with the rich history and nature of the Kyrghyztan. The Issik-Kul lake is huge natural accumulator ( it is called a mountain sea) determine the unique climate of the whole area. You can hardly experience anywhere else such a hot mountain sun, the smell of fir trees and coolness of sea breeze. While travelling here you will become stronger, healthy, full of pleasant emotions.

An ascent possible carry out from South Inylchek and from Noth Inylchek.

Bishkek (or Almaty) - Karakol - pass Chon-Ashu - mountain base Maida-Adyr (Karkara) - Base Inylchek - return to base Maida-Adyr -Issik-Kul - Bishkek (or Almaty).
Day 1 Arrival to Bishkek (or Almaty). accommodation at the hotel.
Day 2 transfer to Karakol
Day 3 transfer by spcial coach to mountain base"Maida-Adyr". Overnight.
Day 4 Helicopter flight (30 min.) to base camp.
Day 5 Acclimatization
Day 6-18 Ascent.
Day 19 Helicopter to base"Maida-Adyr". Rest.
Day 20 transfer to Bishkek. Hotel.
Day 21 Departure to the home.

Days 21
Season July - 10 September

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