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The Northern Tien-Shan to Pamir, Pamir-Alay

Tien-Shan is a mountain system in middle asia. The extent from the east to the west is about 2500 km. , the highest peaks of the mountain system are Pobeda peak (7439 m. ) and Khan-Tengri peak (6992 m. ) during the trecking you will cross over two mountain ranges - Zailiski & Kungei alatau.

Fann mountains, Pamir-Alay in nothern part Tajikistan are a favorable place for trecking and climbing. The highest passes like the Chimtarga (4750m. ) and Alaudin pass (3800 m. ) are securely plugged with snow.

Almaty-Almaty lake - Talgar river - Aksu glacier - Uchkun - Issik - Kul lake - Bishkek - Tashkent - Bukhara by train - Nurata - Yangikazgan - Aidarkul - Samarkand - Artouch - Kuli-Kalon lake - Aloudin lake - pass Chimtarga-Big Alo lake-Samarkand - Tashkent.
Day 1 Arrival to Almaty. accommodation. Sightseeing.
Day 2 City tour. Visit to Museums - Folk Music instruments, Kazakh Museum, Museum of Gold, Cathedral, Medeo Skating-Resort.
Day 3 Transfer to big Almaty lake (H-2521 m. ) Acclimatization, short walk. Camp. Overnight in tents.
Day 4 trecking to Big Almaty lake moraine of Ozerni peak (8km, 4hours). Camp.
Day 5 trecking to Ozerni pass (3200m. ) -river southwestern Talgar (9km, 5hours).
Day 6 trecking Talgar river to Aksu glacier (6km. 3 hours). Camp.
Day 7 trecking to Verkhnee lake. Camp.
Day 8 trecking Grigorievskoe gorge Uchkun comp.
Day 9 Transfer Issik-Kul-Bishkek-Tashkent (860 km. 15 hours). Accommodation.
Day 10 Tashkent excursion, after Tash. -Bukhara train (600km). Night in train.
Day 11 Arrival in the morning Bukhara. Accommodation. Sightseeing.
Day 12 Transfer to Nurata-Yangikazgan village (160km, 3 hours) + ( 90km, 2h. ). Camp.
Day 13 Transfer Aidarkul lake-Nurata-Samarkand (300km, 6 hours). Accommodation.
Day 14 Transfer after sightseeing to mountain camp Artouch. Night in Artouch.
Day 15 trecking to Kuli-Kalon lakes H-2500m, 4 hours). via Loudan pass. Camp.
Day 16 trecking to Alaudin Lakes to Mutnoe, ander pass Chimtarga. Back to camp.
Day 17 trecking through pass Alaudin - Bibijon lake. night in tents.
Day 18 trecking pass Chukurak lake to camp Artouch. Rest in the mountain base.
Day 19 Transfer to Penjikent, sighnseeing, Lunch, then go to Samarkand. Hotel.
Day 20 Transfer to Tashkent ( 300km. 5 hours). accommodationat the hotel.
Day 21 Departure fromm Tashkent.

Days 21
Season July - September


This tour offers you an excellent chance to getacquanted with the big enjoy, becouse there has

We here to have two different regions are used for skiing. The first one is the Kyrghyz Ala-Too range which is situated not far from Bishkek, the capital of Kyrghyztan. There are a lot of beautiful slopes to any taste and level of training in the Ala-Archa gorge and Suusamyr valley.

The second area is the region of the Issik-Kul lake. The breath of this great warm lake makes the climate softer, milder and due to it there is a lot of snow in winter. This region presente great possibilities for skiing. The peculiarities of the climate of Tien-Shan. The length of the descent is 1 - 5 km.

Day 1 Arrival in Bishkek (or Almaty). Accommodation.
Day 2-7 Helli-skiing in one of the mountain-skiing regions.
Day 8 Departure from Bishkek (or Almaty).


Day 1 Arrival in Bishkek ( or Almaty). Accommodation.
Day 2-6 Helli-skiing on first region
Day 7 Transfer to Issik-Kul lake second region
Day 7-10 Helli-skiing
Day 11 Departure from Bishkek (or Almaty).

Days 8-11
Season July-September

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