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VarzobIf yetis exist, they exist in Tajikistan. Nine tenths of this untamed frontiersland is mountain. Half of it, including nearly 10,000 square km. of glacier, is over 3000 m. high, the domain of the yak, the eagle, the snow leopard and, mountain-dwellers solemnly attest, the abominable snowman. Tajiks are of Indo-European rather than Altaic stock, and there language is Pershian, not Turkic.
Tajikistan is an ancient state situated in the south-east of Central Asia, approximately at the same latitudes as Greece, Southern Italy, Spain, central Japan and Washington DC. Uzbekistan and the Kyrgyz Republic lie to the west and north, China and Afganistan to the east and south.
The Republic of Tajikistan is not large, occupying an area of 143 thousand square kilometers. The 6 million population of Tajikistan is ethnically diverse. The people are notable for their industrious nature, settled way of life, devotion to family, children, native land and home. They are very kind-hearted, friendly, and revere their customs and traditions.
The capital of the country is Dushanbe, situated in the center of the Hissar valley, at the cross road of caravan paths, it was famous for its boisterous Monday bazaars (hence its name Dushanbe, which means Monday in Tajik). Dushanbe is situated at the confluence of two rivers, the Varzob and the Kafernihon.

The Tajiks are one of the most ancient peoples of the world. Life in an area situated at the main crossroads of eastern civilization has given them continuous acceess to the achievements of other cultures. The first settlement on the territory of today’s Tajikistan date back to the end of upper paleolithic period (15-20 thousand years ago). Archaeological finds, the works of Herodotus and other written evidences provide information on trading relations, customs, and rituals of the nation. For many centuries the country, involved mainly in trading with neighbours suffered from foreign invasions by the troops of Alexander the Great, steppe nomads, Arabs and Tartar-Mongols.

VarzobThe first Tajik state emerged in 892, providing independence from the Arab Khalif. The development which began in the Samonid epoch, was characterized by the restoration and fortification of war-ravaged cities and greater attention to culture, art and architecture. Samanid state brought to the world the most famous scientists and philosophers - Abu Ali ibn-Sina ( known in the west as Avicenna). Tajiks also venerate Firdausi, a poet and composer of the «Shah-nameh» (Book of Kings), the Pershian national epic, and Omar Khayyam.
Tajikistan is remarkable for its variety and contrasting nature conditions. It is determined by it’s being far from oceans in the zone of Euroasia and mountainous relief. In summer the temperature is 30-40 degrees above zero in the plains and in winter time it is 8-10 degrees below zero but in mountain area is cold. Nearly the half of territory of Tajikistan is occupied by the highest mountains of Central Asia - the Pamirs where there are the biggest mountain chains of Asia - Karakorum, Kuenlun and Hidukosh. The Pamirs is called the “Roof of the World” because some of its peaks rise to a height of more than seven thousand meters above sea level. The snow-caped Peak Ismoil Somoni ( former peak “Communism”) reaches height of 7495 meters.
The climate of Tajikistan is very different. Its subtropical in low valleys, it is temperate in middle circles of moutains and cold in high moutains. Rugged and mountainous, Tajikistan sits at the heart of Central Asia with China to the east and the Indian sub-continent to the south. Three major Silk Road routes ran through its present day territory. These three routes were the Sogdian, or North Road, which connected Samarkand and Kashgar (China); the Karategin Road between Termez (Uzbekistan) and Kashgar; and the Pamir Road linking Balkh (Afganistan) and Tashkurgan (China).

VarzobA great number of mountain rocks with quite a unique micro-climate have given birth to an unsually rich and varied flora. 24 km. from Dushanbe to the nothern part of Tajikistan the pictures Varzob gorge has been located. By the degree of the President of Tajikistan in 1999 this area has been announced as the special tourism and recreational zone of the country.
Varzob gorge has all the possibilities for tourism, and especially for those who are fond of mountain climbing, trecking, ecotourism, rafting, bycicle racing. Varzob gorge caressed and warmed as it is by the sun, is also very rich in salubrious thermal springs. The health resort Khodja-Obigarm is famous for its hot radon springs. Every year thousands of holiday-makers visit Khodja-Obigarm resort where they can use hot radon spring to become more younger, beautiful and healthy.
There are several tourist camps in Varzob gorge, including mountain ski base «Safed Dara» and there very famous among the people who are fond of «adventure tourism» and mountain skiing.
All tourist camps and bases has the necessary accommodation facilities, tourist and sport stock. The Varzob gorge still keeps its first creature, strike with their fabulous picturesque lakes, water falls lying on the neck let of snowy mountains, with mountain rivers carrying turbulent crystal water and with the aroma of unique flowers and forests. All these makes an extreme condition for facing the man with nature.

The National Tourism Company of the Republic of Tajikistan «Sayoh» presents several trips in Varzob gorge:

«The legend of the Silk Road»

1 day- Arrival to Dushanbe, accomodation in hotel «Tajikistan»,

2 day - Departure to «Khodja-Obigarm» health resort, rest and using the hot radon spring water for one week.

The price includes: transfer, full pansion - 100$ per/per
Not included: visa support

«Journey around Gouzgarf waterfall»
(4 days/ 3 nights)
1 day- Arrival to Dushanbe, accomodation in hotel «Tajikistan», free time, dinner.

2 day - Breakfast, transfer to Varzob gorge.
Dwell on near the 19 km. of Varzob gorge and trecking to «Sogrin» base, dinner, sleep in tents.

3 day- Breakfast, trecking to «Gousgarf» waterfall, launch, rest, bathing under the waterfall.
4 day- Breaklfast, trecking to hot radon spring «Khodja-Obigarm», launch and departure to Dushanbe, accomodation in hotel «Tajikistan», dinner.

The price include: $/pax/per/day

1-2 3-4 5-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-20
90 81 75 63 50 48 47
transfer, full pansion, tents, guide, cock, rent of necessary equipment

Not included: visa support

«Siuema -the pearl of Varzob gorge»
(5 days/4nights)
1 day - Arrival to Dushanbe, accomodation in hotel «Tajikistan», free time, dinner.
2 day - Breakfast, departure to Varzob gorge, trecking to «Sogrin» base and to «Gousgarf» waterfall, launch on the way, accomodation in tents, dinner.
3 day - Breakfast, trecking along the ridge of the «Varzob wall», sleeping in tents, dinner.
4 day - Breakfast, trecking to «Siuema river» - the pearl of Varzob gorge, sleeping in tents, launch and dinner.
5 day - Breakfast, trecking to «Gaznok» peak (5000m.), back to base, launch, departure to Dushanbe, accomodation in hotel.

The price include: $ pax/per/day

1-2 3-4 5-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-20
99 81 74 68 55 54 52

transfer, full pansion, the necessary equipment, guides-2, 1 cock, donckeys.
Not included: visa support.

The “Pamir and mountain travel” invites you to the fascinating trips around VARZOB GORGE the heart of the ancient «SILK ROAD».


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