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The route begins from Tashkent - the capital of Uzbekistan, where locates the largest airport in Central Asia. After the acquaintanceship with the sights of the city tourists find themselves in Fergana valley - extensive mountain hollow, separating mountain systems of Tien-Shan and Pamir-Alay. The second-largest river in Central Asia Syr-Darya flows along the valley. Seven large cities locate within valley: Osh (Kirghizstan), Andijan, Namangan, Margilan, Fergana, Kokand (all Uzbekistan) and Khudjand (Tadjikistan). In the past the Great Silk road crossed Fergana valley. From Andijan tourists move to the north to the foot of Fergana range of Tien-Shan, to the wooded place Arslanbob (Kirghizstan). Arslanbob is a name of a legendary gardener, who planted on the legend surrounding wood. The settlement, with the same name, spreads on the height of 1400 over the sea level. Softness of the climate and beauty of nature attract here since olden times inhabitants of the eastern part of Fergana valley and numerous amateurs of journeys. Arslanbob bases in 115 km from Andijan, in 90 from Jalal-Abad and in 175 from"Pamir's gate" - Osh city (Kirghizstan) and is initial or endpoint for many Days journeys on Fergana range. In vicinities of Arslanbob south slopes of Fergana range are overgrown by unique relict nut woods, the sole ones on the all Tien-Shan. Northward from the village a powerful rocky massif towers with Baubashata peak (4427). Higher along the valleys of rivers nut woods are changed by groves of the maple and birch. But on heights of more than 1800 you can meet Tien-Shan firs and conifer (juniper). High in mountains beside alpine meadows snow fields give birth multiple rivers. The whole route represents a big ring.

Day 1 Arrival in Tashkent - the capital of Uzbekistan republic. Accommodation at the hotel.
Day 2 Flight from Tashkent to Andijan, one of the largest cities in Fergana valley. transfer by the special bus to the mountain village Arslanbob (Kirghizstan), 115. Accommodation in the house of local inhabitants. Pedestrian walk through the village and adjoining vicinities.
Day 3 Before the dinner excursion to waterfalls"Chilten" (30) and"Bolshoye" (70). After the dinner a transition to the valley of Karaunkur river. Camp # 1 on the bank of river.
Day 4 transition through the not high moutain pass to the valley of Otusart river, overgrown by the woods. Camp # 2 on the picturesque wooded glade.
Day 5 transition to sources of Otusart river. Encampment # 3 in the alpine area near sources of the river.
Day 6 Ascent to the mouting pass Bel-Munchak ( /3110) with beautiful landscape. Descent to the Kapkatash lake. After the short rest at Kirgiz shepherds descent to the picturesque Karasu lake. Camp # 4 on the south coast of the lake in the grove of Tien-Shan spruces an birches.
Day 7 Day of rest on the lake. Walks, fishing, taking the solar baths.
Day 8 After not long transition on the country road ascent to the upper river Uyunkur - a left influx of Karasu river. Camp # 5 on alpine meadows under the Kenkel peak (3541).
Day 9 Passing of Kenkel pass (/31490). Review from the upper spot of majestic landscapes of Fergana valley (south) and Tien-Shan mountains (north). Descent through shrubbery and small juniper groves to Kenkel lake. Camp # 6 on the lake coast.
Day 10 Tense day. Ascent to Kerey moutain pass. Encampment # 7 under the peak of 4126.
Day 11 Passage of mountain pass of Kerey (1/3540). From upper spots review of Baubashata peak (4427). Exhausting descent to the holy lake Kutmankel. Camp # 8 on the green glade near the lake.
Day 12 Crossing of Kardjorum pass (1/2990). transition to the upper river of Gawasay. Camp # 5 on the river bank.
Day 13 Light day. transition through not high mountain pass to the village Arslanbob. Completion of the mountain route. Overnight at houses of the local inhabitants.
Day 14 Transfer by the special bus from Arslanbob (Kirghizstan) to Fergana valley (Uzbekistan). Night moving by the train to Bukhara.
Day 15 Arrival in Bukhara. Accommodation at the hotel. Excursion in the city.
Day 16 Continuation of excursion. In the afternoon moving from Bukhara to Samarkand (270km). Accommodation at the hotel.
Day 17 Excursion in Samarkand.
Day 18 Moving from Samarkand to Tashkent (290km). Accommodation at the hotel.
Day 19 Departure from Tashkent.

Days 19
Season July - September

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