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Northern seven-thousanders

This program includes ascents for the most northern seven thousanders our the world to Khan-Tengri Peak - 7010 m and Pobeda (Victory) Peak - 7439 m.

Peak Pobeda is considered to be the most severe and inaccessible seventhousander of Central Asia and therefore the most prestigious and desirable. On the opposite side of the huge Inilchek glacier of 57 km., as if marble pyramid of one the most beautiful summits of the world - Khan Tengri is soaring in the sky.

Khan Tengri Pobeda

Day 1-2 Arrival in Tashkent (Almata). transfer via Bishkek to Karakol. Overnight at the shore of Issi-kul Lake in cottages.
Day 3 Transfer to the base point Moidodir. Camp.
Day 3 Breakfast. Shot climbing at the area. Back to camp.
Day 4 Flight by helicopter to Inilchek glacier to base camp <*> (little star).
Day 5-16 Ascent to Khan-Tengri Peak.
Day 17 Reserve day.
Day 18-26 Ascent to Pobeda Peak.
Day 27 Flight by helicopter to Inilchek base point. transfer to Issik-Kul lake. Camping.
Day 28 Transfer to Tashkent (Almata). Hotel.
Day 29 Depart home.

Days 29
Season 10. 07 - 10. 09
Min. group of 6

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