Adventure on the Great Pamir in Tajikistan Pamir TRAVEL

Along path of the Budda - Pamir high way

ITINERARY: Dushanbe, Kalai-Khumb, Khorog, Ishkashim VAHAN corridor – Vrang Zong Langar Alichur – Jelondy Khorog Kalai-Khumb, Dushanbe.
The central Pamir (Badakhshan) occupies almost half of modern Tajikistan, a total of 63,700 square kilometers. The Tajik’s call this region Po-i- Mir the foot of King and also the second version Bom-i-Dunyo, the Roof of the World. Merchants and traders have been traveling by road across the Pamir for centuries. Unlike trading routes across steppe, which form a complex web, the mountain tracks followed a fixed route, passing along valley floors. This tour follows the route from Khorog to Murgab, which was once the Shugnon branch of the ancient Silk Road. Apart from trade caravans and military units, missionaries and pilgrims passed along this road giving it the name Road of Ideologies. Archaeological studies reveal the variety of pre-Islamic religions of the people of Badakhshan, who worshipped fire, the sun and the spirits of their ancestors, and practiced a Badakhshan version of Buddhism.


Day 1 Arrival in Dushanbe. Accommodation in hotel (or in Tajik home).Shot SS around Dushanbe and outside Hissar fortress. Varzob gorge. Lunch and dinner.
Day 2 Morning drive to Kalai-Khumb 300 km (H-1850 m), through mountains, picture's places and tour base camp "Blue lake”, there is lunch, and continued drive to Kalai-Khumb, accommodation in private home, dinner and rest.
Day 3 After breakfast drive to Khorog (2,100 m), capital of Tajikistan's Mountainous Badakhshan Autonomous Region Tour of the city. The Pamir Botanical Garden in the eastern part of the city (2,320 m) is the second-highest such institution in the World, with many unique plants brought here from around the world. Accommodation in a guest house Ogho-Khan.
Day 4 Leave Khorog in a 4WD vehicle, along the Gunt river valley into the heart of Pamirs. 30 km from Khorog, on a high cliff dominating the valley, the Kofir-Kala Complex overlooks Bogev village. It consists of a fortress with a citadel and the remains of two circular temples. In ancient times, this complex was a well-protected cult center of Shugnon, focused on worshipping the sun. Drive to Shokhdara, camp overnight.
Day 5 Drive to Ishkashim, on the way to visit very famous places thermal springs "Garm-Chashma" somebody can swim in thermal pull. Lunch and in evening arrive to Ishkashim, stay in private national house.
Day 6 Next day drive along Pyanj river to Zong there is you will see the wall Buddha buildings. Lunch and then drive to Vrang there is have Buddha Monastery ( 5 km from the way to mountain right side). Stay in private national house.
Day 7 Half day SS around Vrang after drive to Langar and stay in guest house.
Day 8 Drive to Alichur Pass and then to Jelondy, one hour stop by the lake and thermal springs. The water temperature at the springs is 90oC but there is an area suitable for swimming where the water is about 70°C. There are also impressive stalactite/stalagmite formations. After visit drive to Khorog. Overnight in guest house Ogho-Khan Foundation.
Day 9 Morning drive to Kalai-Khumb 250 km (H-1850 m), through mourn places and in Rushan there is lunch, and drive to Kalai-Khumb, accommodation in private home, dinner and rest.
Day 10 Morning drive from Kalai-Khumb to Dushanbe 300 km (H-1850 m), mountains pass Khoburobad H-3370 m. Very beautiful picture's places and tour base camp "Blue lake", there is lunch, and continued drive to Dushanbe, accommodation in hotel "SINO", dinner and rest.
Day 11 Full day SS drive to Ajina Teppa, Kabadian (130 km from Dushnabe) there is an ancient "Budda monastir", lunch on the way and back to Dushanbe rest and free time.
Day 12 Full day SS in museum Dushanbe and also SS in Hissar fort, back to hotel, rest.
Day 13 Full day SS drive to Nurek the highest Damm in the World H-300 m before level see, lunch in Nurek and back to Dushanbe to hotel rest. Preparation for banket last day.
Day 14 Full day visit to bazaar and shopping.
Day 15 Transfer to airport departure to home.

Days …………………………..…2
Season ……………...30/05 – 01.11
Min group ………………1 – 25Pax.

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