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Hissar Fortress VI BC

Was the central town of Hissar valley, named in manuscripts as Historical Shodmon. Hissar Fortress and the town had been settled from VI BC to mid of XIX. It was main administrative, political and economical centers of Hissar valley. The total area is 28 ha, surrounded by one defensive wall. Fortress-citadel consists of three parts and is located on the natural hill. Hissar fortress from the epoch of Timur and Timurids was considered as the center of Eastern Bukhara, where the representative of Tsar dynasty (son or brother of Bukhara Ruler) was in reign.

Finding from Hissar. Ceramic ware III BC. - III-IV AC. IX-XII AC
Finding from Hissar Finding from Hissar Finding from Hissar Finding from Hissar Finding from Hissar
On the basis of revealed and reconstructed architectural monuments in 1978, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan has organized a Hissar historical and cultural preserve. Materials are kept in the fund of Institute of History at Academy of Sciences, Republic of Tajikistan and Hissar historical and cultural preserve.

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