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Visa application procedure

Tajik visas cannot be obtained at the border. You must obtain a visa in advance of travel to Tajikistan. However, visas can be obtained from Tajik embassies in most of Tajikistan's neighbor states.
Follow the steps on this page to obtain a Tajik visa:

1. Obtain a letter of invitation
You must be invited to Tajikistan by an organization that is legally registered with the Ministry of Justice (or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The organisation will prepare a letter of invitation, which must be ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you wish to come to Tajikistan as a tourist, you can apply for a letter of invitation from the PAMIR TRAVEL Co. An online application form is provided. You can use this letter to apply for a single-entry tourist visa, valid for up to one month. If necessary, your visa can be extended after arrival in Tajikistan. Apply for a letter of invitation for a Tajik tourist visa


- Full name/surname,
- passport data copy passport scanner from original (passport number and passports)
- data and place of birth,
- citizenship,
- position and palace of job
- photo (4x5) copies with two photos for each embassy of the visiting countries,
- the dates of issue/expiry,
- place of work and occupation, abode address,
- exact dates arrival and departure
- place of visa application and purpose of visit.
Visa support costs: up to 30 - 50 $ USD per/per. depending on the visiting country.

COST OF VISA:$ 40-60 per pax depends on duration, entry numbers, country of visit. In that case if there is embassy of Central Asian country the tourists desire to visit the visas must be obtained in the above embassy.

2. Locate your nearest Tajik Embassy
Find your nearest embassy by choosing the country closest to where you live:
If there is no Tajik embassy in your country, try contacting the Russian embassy. Russian embassies have handled Tajik visas since 1991. However, I have received reports recently that this policy is changing. Some Russian embassies are now refusing to process visas for Tajikistan. It's still worth asking. You can also submit your application by post to a Tajik embassy in a neighboring country.

3. Complete a visa application form Obtain an application form from your local Tajik or Russian embassy. You should also ask what the fee is for a single entry visa, and what methods of payment are acceptable.

4. Submit your visa application
To apply for your visa, take (or post) the following items to the embassy:
• Your passport
• Your letter of invitation
• A completed visa application form
• Three passport photographs
• The appropriate fee


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