Adventure on the Great Pamir in Tajikistan Pamir TRAVEL

Peaks of Pamiro-Alai

Day 1 Arrival to Tashkent.
Day 2 Transfer Tashkent-Uzgarish (250 km, 8 hours). On the way lunch in a national chai-hona and visit oriental bazaar. Camping at the bank of picturesque river Ak-Mechet.
Day 3 Pass along Ak-Mechet river till the confluence of Ak-Su (White Water) and Kara-Su (Black Water) rivers (6 hours, 10 km). On the way beautiful views of Ak-Su and Iskandir Peaks are revealed.
Day 4 Radial walk to the wall of Ak-su. The path goes through juniper forests (8 km, 8 hours) on steep moraine to the high-mountainous glacier -the heart of the grandiose mountains systems Pamiro-Alai - the circle of Ak-su Peak, surrounded by rock walls of Blok Peak and double-headed Iskandir, Admiralteisa, Petrogradsa. The best place for making pictures.
Day 5 Pass over Uryam Pass (3600 m) to the valley of the same name's river (7 km, 5 hours). Splendid wide valley, closed by gigantic rock with the Parus (Sail) Peak. Overnight on the big green glade.
Day 6 Descent along the valley Uryam and further on Layilayk river (6-7 hours, 15 km). Pass over gigantic rock canyon at the exit of Uraym canyon. Birch and juniper groves, picturesque carved rock walls of the canyon, turquoise water will not be ignored among tourists.
Day 7 Descent to Uzgarish village (5 hours, 10 km). Visit of national houses, traditional tasting, acquaintance with the customs and traditions of local inhabitants. Camping on a big peach grove.
Day 8 Transfer to Samarkand (330 km, 7 hours). Hotel. Rest.
Day 9 City tour.
Day 10 Transfer to Tashkent. (290 km, 5 hours).

Days 10
Season July - September
Min. group of 6-15per

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