Adventure on the Great Pamir in Tajikistan Pamir TRAVEL

By the paths of Central Tien-Shan

The itinerary is between South side of Issik-Kul lake and North side of Terskey Alatau mountain range. It is really one of the most abundant and beautiful corner of Central Asia.

Day 1 Arrival in Tashkent. Covering a night way taking bus, keeping the fol - lowing itinerary : Tashkent-Bishkek-Pocrovka. L=800 km, T= 16-17 h.
Day 2 Morning bathing in Issik-Kul lake. Passage to the valley of Chon - Kysylsu river. L= 17 km, T= 0, 5 h. Walks to become acclimatized through relict forests of Tien-Shan fir. Camp near hot springs Jilysu. H= 2450 m. Second version : arrival in Bishkek (Almaty). transit to the valley of Chon-Kysylsu river. L= 215 km, T= 5, 6 h. (L= 435 km, T= 7, 8 h)
Day 3 Ascent along valley of Chon-Kysylsu river under Archa-Tor mountain pass. L= 10 km, T= 5 h. The forest view of shapely Tien-Shan firs. Camp on the blossoming grass - plot of alpine area. H= 3600 m.
Day 4 Crossing Archa-Tor mountain pass. H=3800m. To the valley of Djety-Oguz river. L=8km. T=3-4h. Covering first glacier landscapes. (Ice-house, moraine lake). The camp is situated on a cozy glade among dense of firs. H=2640m. The rest of day is the radial way out to Djety-Oguz ice wall. (wonderful snowing-ice panorama).
Day 5 Passage under the Telety mountain pass. L=10km. T=5h. View of beautiful ice tops of mountains including truncated pyramid - the highest top of this district - Karakol peak H=5218m. The camp is in the forest at alpine-camp tents of"Ala-Tau" H=2600m.
Day 6 The redial way out to classic glacier under Karakol peak. The fantastic photos.
Day 7 Crossing picturesque forests near Alakel lake. L=9km. T=6h. The short but difficulty passage through huge stone clods get finished moraine on the amazing large moraine Alakel lake. L=2km. The camp is on the moraine of the lake. H=3200m.
Day 8 Crossing Alakel mountain pass H=3860m. Descent to the green valley of Arashan river with getting to the upper border of forest. S=12km. T=6h. The camp is at the merging of Ak-Su river. H=2700m.
Day 9 The radial way out under Ak-Su wall. The huge area of glacier.
Day 10 Descent along Arashon river to Altin - Arashon hot springs. L=8km. T=3 - 4h. Bathing. The camp is in the forest near hot springs. H=2400m.
Day 11 transit through Prejivalsk to Bishkek. L=340km. T=6-7h. The rest and bathing are on the way to Issik-Kul lake.
Day 12 Transfer into Tashkent. L=600km. T-12h. There is unforgettable view of North Tien-Shan range, wild steppe and cultural landscapes from Kyrhgyzstan to Kazakhstan. Hotel.
Day 13 Transfer into Samarkand. L=300km. Excursion. Hotel.
Day 14 Carrying out of excursion. Return to Tashkent. Hotel.
Day 15 Leaving Tashkent.

Days 15
Season 10. 07-15. 09
Min. group of 8-15 per

Paths of Tien-Shan's nature reserve

Tour is available from May till June and in September-October. At this time the mountains of West Tien-Shan are particular beautiful. The route is in the one of the most ancient nature reservoir of Central Asia, at the altitude of 1500-3000 m above the sea level. Chatkal nature reservoir is a lonely, virgin nature.

Day 1 Arrival in Tashkent. transfer along Angren river's valley to nice mountainous village Yangi-Abad (120 km). Overnight in tents.
Day 2 Passage along Kattesai river to Adamtash pass. Camp in a birch grove (12 km, 6 hrs).
Day 3 Pass over Adamtash pass (2696 m). Panorama of multicoloured alpine meadows and snow summits of Chatkal range. Camp on the glade (8 km, 6-7 hrs).
Day 4 Pass over Tavaksai and Kurakti passes (2450-2230 m). Camp in the forest at Karabuzuk river (10 km, 6 hrs).
Day 5 Rest. Bonfire. Bath. Walk in the virgin forest of the nature reservoir.
Day 6 Pass on the CENTRAL part of the nature reservoir over Tashkesken pass (2240 m). Wild canyons. Camp in a juniper grove (12 km, 6-7 hrs).
Day 7 Pass on the plateau of Serkeli river to Akbulak river. View of unique Palatkan plateau. Camp in a birch grove (9 km, 6 hrs).
Day 8 Pass along Akbulak river to the confluence with Serkeli river. View of the most beautiful rock canyon. Camp (8 km, 5-6 hrs).
Day 9 Transfer along canyon of Chatkal river to Charvak water reservoir. Swimming. transfer to Tashkent (100 km). Hotel.

Days 9
Season June - September

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