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List of archaeological monuments of VII-XV centuries

The city of Dushanbe.
l.The Ancient settlement of Chormaghz -Teppa (V-VII)
2.The Ancient settlement of Arki-Mir (VII-XI)
3.The Ancient settlement of Shishi-Khona (VIII-XI)

The District of Hissar
4. The Ancient settlement of Hissar (VII B.C. - XIX)
5.The Ancient settlement of Morteppa (V-VIII)
6.The Ancient settlement of Jalohil (X-XVIII)
7.The Ancient settlement of Kushteppa (X)
8.The Ancient settlement of Langar (V-VIII)
9.The Ancient settlement of Dukhtarakonteppa (X- XII)
l0.The Fortress of Jari Kalon (X-XII)
11 .The Ancient settlement of Kuhna Boi (X-XII)

The District of Shahrinav
12. The Ancient settlement of Shahrinav (I-VIII)
13. The Ancient settlement of Kofirkala (V-XII)
14. The Ancient settlement of Jim Kurghon (III-XII)

The District of Tursunzoda
15. The Ancient settlement of Chulon Teppa (VI-XIII)
16. The Ancient settlement of Kofir-Teppa (V-VIII)
17. The Ancient settlement of Chorgul - Teppa (VI-XIII)
18. The Ancient settlement of Uzbekon-Teppa (II-VI-XIX)
19. The Ancient settlement of Regar (X-XII)
20 The Ancient settlement of Ok-Teppa (V-VIII)
21. The Ancient settlement of Zargar-Teppa (X-XII)
22. The Ancient settlement of Tuyatut -Teppa (XI-XIV)
23. The Ancient settlement of OK-Kurghon-Teppa (XI-XIV)
24. The Ancient settlement of Kofir-Kalla (V-IX)
25. The Ancient settlement of Kuloki -Teppa (VI-VIII)

The District Rudaki (Leninskiy)
26.The Ancient settlement of Khoja Bulbulon (I-VIII)
27.The Ancient settlement of Kofarnihon (VI-VIII)
28.The Ancient settlement of Chorgul - Teppa (VII-XII)
29.The Ancient settlement of Kuktosh (VI-XIII)
30.The Ancient settlement of Kampir- Kalla (V-VII)
31. The Ancient settlement of Shainak (I-XVI)
32. The Ancient settlement of Navobod (I-VIII)
33. The Ancient settlement of Chim-Teppa (VI-VIII)
34. The Ancient settlement of Teppai samarkandi (VI-XVI)
35. The Ancient settlement of Kovushmon-Teppa (I-XIII)
36. The Ancient settlement of Kora-Kamar (V-XII);

The District of Varzob

37. The Ancient settlement of Kharangon (V-XIX)
38. The Ancient settlement of Kulpitsa (VII-VIII);

The District of Vahdat (Kofarnihon.)
39. The Ancient settlement of Chukhmazor (I-XIX)
40. The Fortress of Bolo (IV-VIII);
41. The Ancient settlement of Semiganj (I-XII).
42. The Ancient settlement of Dashti- shur (X-XV)
43. The Fortress of Kuhna (X-XII)
44. The Ancient settlement of Arbobi- Teppa (IX-XII)
45. The Fortress of Farishta-Teppa (VII-XII)
46. The fortress of Shodmon (I-V-XVIII)
47. The Ancient settlement of Chuyangaron (X-XV)
48. The Ancient settlement of Luchak-Teppa (X-XIII)
49. The Fortress of Shorarm (X-XII)

The District of Faizabad
50.The Ancient Castle of Sangin (VIII- XIV)
51.The Ancient Fortress of Vashgird (V-XII)

The District of Nurobod (Komsomolobod, Darband)
52. The Fortress of Navdon (X-XII)
53. The Fortress of Shohon (IX-XII)
54. The Fortress of Imlok (X-XII)

The District of Rasht (Gharm)
55. The Ancient settlement of Darband (VII-X)
56. The Ancient settlement of Hissorak (X-XII)
The District of Jirgital
57. The Ancient settlement of Dombrachi (X-XIV)
58. The Ancient settlement of Turtkul (X-XIV)

The Regions of Khatlon
The District of Yovon
59. The Ancient settlement of Garav-Kalla (I-XII)
60. The Ancient settlement of Chaman-Bulok (V-IX)

The District of Kuibyshev
61. The Ancient settlement of Halkajar (V-XV)
62. The Ancient settlement of Yakkatut (X-XII)
63. The Ancient settlement of Khja-Kalla (X-XII)

The city of Kurghonteppa
64. The Ancient settlement of Kurgoncha (IX-XII)
65. The Fortress of Buston (VII- XII)

The District of Kolkhozobod
66. The Ancient settlement of Kofir-Kala (V-VIII)
67. The Ancient settlement of Laghmon (VII-XII)
68. The Ancient settlement of Urtabuz (V-VIII)
69. The Ancient settlement of Uten-Kalla )X-XIV)

The District of Vakhsh
70. The Buddha Temple of Adjinateppa (V-VIII)
71. The Ancient settlement of Kuhna-Kalla (V-VIII)
72. The Ancient settlement of Kofir-Kalla (V-VIII)
73. The Ancient settlement of Tup-Kalla (VI-XIII)

The District of Kabodiyon
74. The Ancient Settlement of Doki-Unus (X-XII)
75. The Ancient Settlement of Kalai-Mir (VII BC- XIX)
76. The Ancient Settlement of Osmon-Teppa (VII-VIII)
77. The Ancient Settlement of Yalpon-Teppa (VI-VIII)
78. The Ancient Settlement of Navobod (VII-VIII)

The District of Shahritus
79. The Ancient Settlement of Takhti-Kubod (V-XII)
80. The Ancient Settlement of Beshkent-Kalla (VI-XII)
81. The Ancient Settlement of Tumor-Teppa (VII-VIII)
82. The Ancient Settlement of Chigovat-Teppa (VII-VIII)
83. The Ancient Settlement of Munchak-Teppa (VII-VIII)
84. The Ancient Settlement of Ok-Mazor (X-XII)
85. The Ancient Settlement of Kuhna-Kalla (VII-VIII)

The District of Kumsangir
86. The Ancient Settlement of Kuhna -Kalla (X-XV)
87. The Ancient Settlement of Yakkadin (X-XIV)
88. The Ancient Settlement of Malla-Teppa (X-XIV)

The District of Pyanj
89. The Ancient Settlement of Faizobod-Kalla (VII-VIII)
90. The Ancient Settlement of Mazor-Teppa (VII-VIII)
91. The Ancient Settlement of Arab (VII-VIII)
92. The Ancient Settlement of Malla-Teppa (X-XIV)

The District of Farkhor
93. The Ancient Settlement of Kokul (V-VIII)
94. The Ancient Settlement of Boluch-teppa (VII-VIII)
95. The Ancient Settlement of Kalai-Puchak (X-XII)
96. The Ancient Settlement of Ghoib-Shait (X-XII)
97. The Ancient Settlement of Saeid (X-XII)

The District Moskovskiy
98. The Ancient Settlement of Zoli Zar (VII-IX)
99. The Ancient Settlement of Gulobod (VII-XIII)
100. The Ancient Settlement of Shur (VII-XII)

The District of Dangara
101. The Ancient Settlement of Tojik-Kalla (X-XII)
102. The Ancient Settlement of Shosh-Teppa (X-XII)
103. The Ancient Settlement of Zoli zar (V-XII)
104. The Ancient Settlement of Beshbulok (X-XII)
105. The Ancient Settlement of Pushing (V BC-XII)

The District of Vosse
106. The Ancient Settlement of Imom Ali (X-XII)
107. The Ancient Settlement of Houlbuk (IX-XII)
108. The Ancient Settlement of Hazor Chashma (X-XII)
109. The Ancient Settlement of Faftar-Khona (X-XII)
110. The Ancient Settlement of Mazar-Teppa (X-XII)
111. The Ancient Settlement of Dashti Dili (X-XII)

The District Sovietskiy
112. The Fortress of Mir (X-XII)
113.The Fortress of Toupkhona (X-Xn)
114. The fortress of Kattakhona (X-XIV)

The District of Mouminobod
115. The Ancient Settlement of Domullo Ikrom (XII)
116. The Ancient Settlement of Kofrr-Kalla (X-XII)

The District of Hovaling
117. The Ancient Settlement of Shahri-Mung (VI-XII)
118. The Ancient Settlement of Khish-Teppa (VI-XII)
119. The Fortress of Baljuvon (VI-XII)

The Region of Sughd
The District of Penjikent
120. The Ancient town of Penjikent (V-VIII)
121. Teppai Tupkhona (X-XI)
122. Teppai Toshkurghon (XII-XIV)
123. The Ancient Settlement of Kalai Mughi Tupkhona (X-XII)
124. The Ancient Settlement of Kofir-Kurghon (X-XII)
125. The Ancient Settlement of Kyuk Kurghon (X-XII)
126. The Ancient Settlement of Navruzshoh (X-XII)
127. The Ancient Settlement of Kalai-Kuhna (X-XIV)

The District of Aini
128. The Fortress of Pushti Hissor (XII)
129. The Fortress of Hissori Langar (XII-XIII)
130. The Fortress of Gardani Hissor (XI-XIII)
131. The Fortress of Murghon (VII-XII)
132. The Fortress Grotto in the moutain of Mugh (VII-IX)
133. The Fortress of Sobisk (VII-X)
134. The Fortress of Kum (VII-VIII)

The District of Maschoh
135. The Fortress of Buston (X-XV)
136. The Fortress of Oburdon (X-XV)
137. The Fortress of Oburdoni Pakhshov (X-XI)

The District ofIstaravshan (Uroteppa)
138. The Ancient Settlement of Mugh-Teppa (V BC-XVIII)
139. The Ancient Settlement of Shahriston (V-VIII)
140. The Ancient Settlement of Kumush-Teppa (VIII-XIX)
141. The Ancient Settlement of Kalai-Sar (VIII-X)
142. The Ancient Settlement of Karotteppa (VIII-X)

The District of Spitamen (Nov)
143. The Ancient Settlement of Shirin (VI-XII)
144. The Ancient Settlement of Ok-Teppa (V-VIII)
145. The Fortress of Kalakhona (V-VIII)

The District of Rasulov
146. The Ancient Settlement of Buri Kurbon (V-VIII)
147. The Ancient Settlement of Dengcha-Teppa (V-XII)
148. The Fortress of Khitoi Reza (X-XIV)

The District of Khujand
149. The Fortress of Khujand (IV BC-XIV)
150. The Fortress of Samgor (X-XIV)

The District of Asht
151. The Fortress of Kuhi Urda (VI-XII)
152. The Fortress of Shoh (VII)
153. The Teppa of Childukhtaron (VII-IX)
154. The Ancient Settlement of Hojiston (XI-XII)

The District of Isfara
155. The Ancient Settlement of Kourgali Tau (VI-VIII)
156. The Ancient Settlement of Teppa of Lakon (VI-VIII)
157.The Fortress of Mugd (VI-VIII)
158.The Ancient Settlement of Kyrghyz (IX-X) 159.The Ancient Mines (X-XII)

Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region
The District of Kalaihumb
160. The Fortress of Kalaihumb (VIII-IX)
161. The Ancient Mines (VI-XV)
162. The Ancient Mines of Madan (VI-XV)

The District of Vanj
163. The Ancient settlement of Yazghulom (X-XIV)

The District of Shugnon
164. The Fortress of Chartym (VIII-IX)
165. The Village of Metal Handicraft workers (XI-XII)
166.The Fortress of Patkhur (VII-VIII)
167. The Fortress of Vankala (VII-IX)
168. The Fortress of Tukuz Bulok (X-XI)

The District of Roshtkala
169. The Fortress of Dashtkala (VI-VIII)
170. The Fortress of Roshtkala (VII-IX)
171. The Village of Bodomdara (VII-VIII)
172.The Fortress of Shoshbuvad (VII-VIII)
173. The Fortress of Jaushangoz (VII-XII)

The District of Ishkoshim
174. Yamchun (V-XI)
175. The Vrang Buddha temple (VI - VII)
176. The Fortress of Kaahka (VII-XI)
177. Darkisht(VI-VII) The District of Murgarb
178. The Ancient Settlement Bazar-Dara (X-XII)

The List of architectural monuments
The Regions of the Republican Subordination
The District of Hissar
• The Mausoleum of Makhdumi Azam (XII-XVI)
• The Mosque of Sangin (XII-XVI)
• The Ancient Settlement of Hissar (V BC-XIX) The District of Tursunzoda
• The Ancient settlement of Uzbekiston-Teppa
• The Mausoleum of Khoja Nakhshoron (XI-XII) The District of Faizabad
• The Ancient town of Vashgird (V-XII)
• The Mausoleum of Khoja Hotami Azam (XI-XII)
• The Mausoleum of Shamsi Balkhi (XI-XII) The District of Rasht (Garm)
• The Ancient town of Darband (III-1X)
• The Mausoleum of Hazrati Burkh (VIII-IX)

The Region of Khatlon
The District of Vakhsh
• The Budda temple of Adjinateppa (V-VIII) The District of Jilikul
• The Mausoleum of Imom Zainulobiddin (XII) The District of Kabodiyon
• The Ancient Settlement of Kalai- Mir (VII BC-XIX)
• The Mosque of Lailak Uya (XIV-XV)
• The Mausoleum of OK-Mazor (XIV-XV)
• The Mausoleum- Mosque of Khoja Sayeed (XI-XII) The District of Shahritus
• The Mausoleum of Khoja Durbod (XI-XII)
• The Mausoleum-Mosque of Khoja Mashhad (XI-XII)
• The Mausoleum of Tillo Khaloji (XI-XII)
• The Mausoleum of Kum Mazorat (IX-XII)
• The Mosque of Khoja Namozgoh (XIV-XVI)
• The Mausoleum of Khoja Sarboz (XI-XII)
• The Chiluchor Chashma (V-XV) The District of Danghara
• The Ancient settlement of Zoli Zar (V-VII)
• The Mausoleum of Mavlono Tojiddin (X-XII)
• The Mausoleum of Mavlono Obiddin (XI-XII)
• The Mausoleum of Khojai Nur (XI-XIII)
• The Mausoleum of Shakiki Balhi - (XII-XIII)
• The Mausoleum of Khojai Zarin (XIV-XV) The District of Vose
• The Citadel of Houlbuk (IX-XII) Kulyab town
• The Mausoleum of Mirsayid Ali-Hamamdoni (XIV-XVII)
The District of Mouminobod
• The Mausoleum of Shoi Khomush (XI -XII)
• The Mausoleum of Domullo Ikrom (XIV-XV)
The Mausoleum of Khoja Nur (XI-XII) The District of Hovaling
• The Ancient settlement of Mung (VI-XII)
• The Mausoleum of Hazrati Sulton (X-XIV)

The District of Penjikent
• The Ancient town of Panjakent (V- VII)
• The Mausoleum of Muhammad Bashoro (XII-XIV)
The Mosque Olim -Dodho (XIV-XVII)
The District of Ainy
• The Minaret in the village of Aini (IX - XII)
• The Minaret in the village (IX - XII)
The Minaret in the village (IX - XII)
The District of Istaravshan (Uroteppa)
• The Ancient town Mug-Teppa (V-XV ) The Mosque of Abdulatif-Sulton (XIV-XV)
• The Mausoleum of Abdukadir Jeloni (XIV-XV)
• The Mausoleum of Khudoyra-Valami (XV-XVI) The city of Khujand
• The fortress of ancient town of Khujand (IV B.C.-XIV)
• The Mausoleum of Sheikh Muslihiddin (XII-XV) The District of Isfara
• The Mausoleum of Amir Hamza Hasti Podshoh (XI)
• The Mausoleum-mosque of Khazrati Shoh, (X-XII)
• The Mausoleum of Khoja Rushnoi (XI - XII)
• The Mausoleum of Khoja Rushnoi (XI - XII) The District of Konibodom
• The Mosque of Mirrajab Dodkhoh (XVI )

The District of Kalaikhum
• The rock painting (V - XII) The District of Vanj
• The rock painting (I - XII)
The District of Rushon
The rock painting (V - XII)
The District of Shughnon
• The temple of fire (VII)
• The rock painting (V - XII) The District of Roshtkala
• The Ancient settlement of Roshtkala (XII-XIX)
• The rock painting (V - XII) The District of Ishkoshim
• The Temple of Fire (XVI - XVIII)
• The Vrang Buddha temple (VI - VII)

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