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Vakhan and Shugnan
Vakhan and Shugnan itineraries: Shugnan itinerary: I Khorog-Jelondy – 130kms. On the top of the Bogiv village (Start of the river Bogivdara, the right tributary of the river Gunt, 9 kms from Khorog) on the rocky mountains there is the castle, in the lower squares of it there are two temples of fire situated. It is built round like with niches for sitting and a place for the priest. There is a sowed in the center. Three living houses built attaching to temples. The village of Patkhur (82 kms from Khorog). Here was excavated farmer's house (YI-YII cc.)in which there was an altar for the fire. Varshez village (100 kms from Khorog). There were found many settlements of miners and metallurgists, farmer's houses, mostly connected with silver resources in Bachor range in X-XI cc. Jelondy – this district is famous for mane medical thermal springs. Shugnan itinerary : II Khorog-Djaushangoz (136kms)The road to river Shakhdara. Besides the fascinating beauty, it is interesting Roshtkala – district center n which there are situated the castle of Shugnan governor (XVIII-XIX cc) and one more ancient castle. The Shashbuvad village (118 kms from Khorog). From the road it is possible to see the well preserved ancient castle on the rock. The valley of the river Djaushangoz. There is the castle of Derudj (YI-YII cc) 3 kms after entrance to the valley. It closed the entrance to the valley of the river Shakhdara. This is the place, easy way to there is through the river Pamir through Mats pass and the valley of the river Tokuzbulok.

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