Adventure on the Great Pamir in Tajikistan Pamir TRAVEL

VIP tour along Sogdian region

ITINERARY:Tashkent – Oybek- Khujand – Dushanbe – Sariasia

Duration: 4 nights/5 days


Day 1 pick up group on the Uzbek/Tajik border “Oybek” at 10-00 AM. Crossing
through border and then transfer to Khujand. In Khujand accommodation in
hotel “SINO”, lunch and then half day SS around Khujand , visit Panjshanbe
bazaar, mosque/medresse and/or fortress " Timurmalik" XI-XII cc. near of
the bank of the Syr-Darya river. back to hotel, dinner and rest.
Day 2 after breakfast full day SS drive to ISTARAVSHAN ( former Uro-Teppa).
Visit medresse complexes "KUK-GUMBAZ" and walk in the traditional
Residential district, lunch in the center of town near the bazaar. Back to
Khujand to hotel “Sino”, dinner and rest.
Day 3 After breakfast, transfer to airport Khujand flight 9-00 AM to Dushanbe.
Transfer to hotel “Tajikistan” accommodation in hotel. SS around city
and then lunch and after lunch in afternoon tour of the city, back to hotel
dinner and rest.
Day 4 full day SS around in Dushanbe, lunch and after drive to Hissar fortress
Back to hotel “Tajikistan”, dinner and rest.
Day 5 After breakfast half day SS and visit Hissar Fortress and medresses, lunch
in Hissar under an ancient tree. (optional): after lunch drive to Uzbek border
Sariasia and then to Termez at 14-00 PM.

Days …………………………..…5
Season ……………...30/05 – 01.11
Min group ………………1 – 25Pax.

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