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Magnificence of Tien-Shan and Rigidity of Pamir

The trecking begins from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, where travellers move to Fergana valley. It lies between two mountain systems: Tien-Shan and Pamir-Alay. The travellers cross in the picturesque valley of Otuzart river from the mountain village Arslanbob. The village lies on the southern slopes of the Ferganaridge. The river Otuzart is covered with the relict nut-tree woods. The travellers cross the woods, climb to alpine zone and get over the pass Bell-Munchak, come down to lakes of Karasu river. After crossing pass over Ferganarange the travellers get over to a small lake Kenkol. The travellers cross from the lake in the good way to Kizil-Unkur. It is the place where the trecking Tien-Shan finishes. After acquaintance with national traditions and mode of life of villagers, the travellers leave the Tien-Shan mountains and go to the south of Fergana valley to the foot of Alay range of Pamiro-Alay. The surround landscapes differ from Tien-Shan. The narrow gorges, steep peaks are covered with snow, archa woods, alpine meadows and fine glaciers with small lakes meet the travellers on their way. The greatest views of the Alay pass with 5000 peaks covered with snow and ice are seen from the tall mountain pass in the background of dark-blue sky of high-moun - tains. After the most interesting excursion to the glacier Dugova the travellers come back over the pass to Shahimardan town, where this mountain trekking finishes. From Shahimardan the travellers move through the Fergana valley to Tashkent. It is the place of returning to the native land.

Day 1 Arrival in Tashkent-the capital of Uzbekistan republic. Accommodation at the hotel.
Day 2 Flight Tashkent - Andijan. It is one of the largest cities in Fergana valley. transfer by the special bus to the mountain village Arslonbob (Kirghizstan), 115ª¬. Overnight in the house of local people. Acquantance with the village.
Day 3 Excursion to the famous waterfalls of Arslonbob. After the dinner a passage to the valley of Karaunkur river. Camping on the bank of the river.
Day 4 Passage to the valley of Otusart river, overgrown by the nut woods. Camping on the grass covered picturesque place.
Day 5 Passage to beginning of Otusart river. Camping near sources of the river.
Day 6 Ascent to the mountain pass Bel-Munchak ( Š/3110¬) with beautiful panorama of surroundings. Descent to the Kapkatash lake. Short rest at Kirgiz shepherds, and descent to the picturesque Korasu lake. Camping in the grove of Tien-Shan birch trees on the south coast of the lake Korasu.
Day 7 Rest on the lake. Walks, swimming, fishing, taking the solar baths.
Day 8 After the small passage on the country road ascent to the upper river Uyunkur - a left stream of Korasu river. Camping on alpine meadows under the Kenkel peak (3541¬).
Day 9 Ascent of Kenkel pass (31490¬). Review from the upper spot of majestic landscapes of Fergana valley (south) and Tien-Shan mountains (north). Descent through the small juniper trees to Kenkel lake. Camping at the lake.
Day 10 Easy Day. At the Kizilunkur village the trecking in Tien-Shan is finished.
Day 11 Farewell with Tien-Shan mountains. The special bus from Kizilunkur village takes the clients to Shahimardan (Uzbekistan). Overnight in the house of local peoples. It is a place, where ten thousand people at once can have a rest.
Day 12 On the first half a Day excursion to Kubban lake. Then passage over canyon to the uppers of Kuksu river. Camping on the bank of Shait river in the circle of high rocks.
Day 13 Ascent to alpine zone Turum. Camping to the upper parts of Shait river.
Day 14 Tough Day. Passage of Turum pass 1A/4250m with splendid views from above on Alay pass with its glaciers. Short rest by moraine lake of Turum glacier. Descent along Turumsu to the canyon of Surmetash river. Camping on the bank of river, overgrown with shrubs.
Day 15 Ascent along Tolon river to the picturesque lakes Kara Kaban Kel (lake of Black Wild Boar) and Tantakel by foots Alay range. Easy passage over pass Deviaty NK/4080m. Descent over canyon of Surmatash river to Archa-Kanish river. Camping by confluence Surmentash and Archa-Kanish rivers.
Day 16 Passage to Dugov glacier. Camping on ancient moraine of glacier.
Day 17 Day of rest. Excursion on Dugov glacier to the foots Uzbekistan peak 5232m. Return to Camping site.
Day 18 Strenuous Day. Passage of Aktash pass 1B/4430m. Descent over canyon of Aktash river. Camp # by confluence Antash and Ulutor.
Day 19 Easy Day. Short passage over canyon of Dugov river to Yordan village. Finishing of mountain trekking on Pamiro-Alay. On the second half a Day transfer from Yordan village to Fergana town. Accommodation in the hotel.
Day 20 Transfer from Ferganato Tashkent. Accommodation in the hotel.
Day 21 Departure from Tashkent.

Days 21
Season July - September

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