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Our company organizes many different fascinating
and very interesting tour programms in Central Asia.

- Visas and visas supports in Tajikistan and in Central Asian countries.


Receipt a visa to enter Tajikistan and the countries of Central Asia(Uzbekistan,
Kasakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan) needed 15-20 days before the arrival to submit into our company the following data to each member of the group and individuals:

- Full name/surname,
- passport data copy passport scanner from original (passport number and passports)
- data and place of birth,
- citizenship,
- possition and palace of job
- photo (4x5) copies with two photoes for each embassy of the visiting countries,
- the dates of issue/expiry,
- place of work and occupation,abode address,
- exackt dates arrival and departure
- place of visa application and purpose of visit.
Visa support costs: up to 30 - 50 $ USD per/per. depending on the visiting country.

- COST OF VISA:$ 40-60 per pax depends on duration,entry numbers, country of
visit. In that case if there is embassy of Central Asian country the tourists
desire to visit the visas must be obtained in the above embassy.

- FLIGHTS.All capitals of Central Asian countries have international
airports, receiving all types of planes. Each Republics have it's airlines.
The following well-known Aircompanies has international flights to Central Asia:
- To Dushanbe – Russian airlines: Moscow-Domodedovo, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Samra, Irkutsk, Xingjang Airlines, Air Kasakhstan, Iran air, Afghan airlines, Kyrghyzstan airlines.

- to Tashkent - "Lufthansa", "KLM Royal Dutch Airlines", PIA, Turkish Airlines,
British Airways, Aeroflot, Transaero, Havo yullari, Xingjang Airlines, Air Kasakhstan, Turkmen Airlines, Iran air, Kyrghyzstan Aba Zholdoru and etc.

ACCOMODATION:There are hotels (2* - 5*) in all capitals of Central
Asia(2*,3* rare 4* in other cities).There are rooms with toilet and shower in every
hotel.There are some small private hotels with high level of service and reasonable
prices in some cities.

CUSTOMS: Customs prosedures for cash money to bring it in.There are own
regulations to bring cash in every Central Asian countries.But please note that you
have to declare (declaration in duplicate) your import cash.You also can change
travel cheques for cash money in banks.

Warning: It is important to keep entry customs declaration till the time
you leave countries of Central Asia.The export of antique belongings and ccultural
valuables needed special per-missions.

- FOOD AND MEALS: Generally breakfasts included in the price for staying in
the hotels and be held inside restaurants of hotels.The tourists feel like
having lunches and dinners in the restaurants formed in traditiona style
or in other eating places where they can find the proposed menu in many
variety forms with moderate prices.Tourists are recommended to drink only
boiled water.

- TRANSPORT: All passages among States of Central Asia are taking planes,
trains,public buses and ordered transports.The passages by trains and public buses and railway compartments aren't expencive but the sanitary condition inside buses and railway compartments aren't so good and in the circumstances must be improved.
- Flights are very comfortable but the number of towns are limited to fly to.The
most secured and saved passages are the passages, by ordered comfortable
transport.This manner is very mobile and comfortable to tranzit among towns and villages of States of Central Asia.
- booking and reservation air tickets in Tajikistan by Tajik air.
- PERMITS AND FEE: There is an airport tax in some airports of Central Asia
cities.The tourists to make a trip have to pay fee to obtain the necessary permits to visit mountainous regions So, for instance, there is an extra ecological fee in
Tajikistan: Mountain permite – 50 $ per/per and ecological fee – 1$ per/per/day; Pamir border zone permite – 50 $ per/per
WEATHER: The weather is clear and hot from April to October on plains of
Central Asia Republics.
The average summer temperature is (+) 32-36 C.The favourite time
to make a trip and for climbing in mountains is from June to October.There are
casual rains, snows and cool nights that time in top of mountains.

All your gear is carried for you in this trek. You need to carry only your
daypack.We will normally use pack animals on the trek.We must insist on a strict
baggage limit of 12 kilos per/pers on the trek.This is additional
to what you carry personally in your daypack.
The trails in the valleys are mostly quite good but on the passe and moraines
the trails are rugged as they are little used. There are several
river crossings which require crossing on the slippery log-bridges.In necessity
our guides will use safety ropes to assist with these and provide additional security.

- MEALS: To cook the meals we use the products of Europian quality.Fruit,
vegetables are fresh.Breakfast and dinner are served in the camp.For lunches in
mountais we use special snack and hot tea or coffee.
- ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT: Closed cell foam mat or thermarest, 4 seasons sleeping bag, 4 seasons jacket, leather or good lightweight boots, waterproofs, gloves, sunhat, sunglasses or snowgoggles, water-bottle, daysack.
- SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: It is recommended that tourists have, crampons, ice-axe, high altitude tent, gas stove, with ballons, ice - hooks, ropes, head-lamp.
- GUIDES: As a rule tourists have the guide services in English, German and
French. If necessary Spanish, Italian, and Japanese speaking guides will be at your
service. As far as nature tours are concerned,such as bird watching for
example,specialists of high quality (Scholars,professors) work with tourists.

- INSURANCE: Insurance is not included in the tour price.Tourist must arrange
insurance in their home country themselves.Tourist services include the first medical help in case of incidents in trek.
- BASE CAMP: Climbers take advantage of the following services in the base
camp, accomodation in double tents or double rooms in mountain bungalo, three meals a day, hot water shower, lavatory,storing tent, bar, electricity, radio communication.
- All transfers along The Great Silk Road, between cities and countries
Central Asia. (car, minibus and bus).
- hotel reservations in Tajikistan and all cities of Central Asian countries,
(Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghyzsatn, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan).

Excursions along the Great Silk Road on the whole territory of Tajikistan
and in Uzbekistan and in other Central Asian countries.
- During the excursion tourists can see the pearls of Tajikistan: Pendjikent, Istaravshan, Khujand, Hissar, Kabadian, Kulyab, Great Pamir.
- Tajikistan,Uzbekistan, Kyrghystan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenstan in Central Asia, like
Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Kunya-Urgench, Shakhrisabz, ,Merv,Turkest
an, Sairam,Taraz, Shimkent, Osh.The ancient monuments of these cities can be
compared only with the architectural masterpieces of Egypt,India,China,
anthic Greece and Rome.Majestic cities with beautiful palaces,mosgues,
minarets and medrese were erected many centuries ago.Majority of them
were ruined, but tourists still have an opportunuty to admire many remaining
parts of these constructions.

- Excurcions along the ancient towns in Tajikistan and also include on the way in Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Orient Uzbekistan. Oriental Tajkistan and Uzbekistan is a country of the ancient history and culture,where every type of tradition lives in harmony with modern world. During this excursion, you can see that Uzbekistan is the most visited country along Silk Road with nearly every possible landscape from lifeless desert to the beautiful lake and cascade.The territory of modern Uzbekistan in the past belonged to "Khanetes" of Kokand,Bukhara and Khiva with majestic cities of Tashkent,Bukhara,Samarkand,Khiva,Termez,Shakhrisabz,Fergana which you can see during this tour.

- One day excursions programms in the cities of Tajikistan and Central Asia.
- Ancient Penjikent visit to ruins Sogdian town(5-7 cc), Mugh -Kala, Bujikat in Shakhristan, Kok Gumbaz, Mugh Teppa in Istaravshan,
- Timurmalik fortress (11-12 cc) – in Khujand, Hazraty Shoh - Isfara
- Hissar (14-18 cc), Kabadian Ajika Teppa – 2-5 Bcc), Nurek, the Great Pamir
- In the big tour programms along Central Asian cities, one can visit the
cities of the countries staying neughbouring to big cities of the main tour
For example, tourists travelling in Samarkand can go to the ancient tajic
town of Pendjikent, and and visit the republican historical-ethnographic museum
of Abu-Abdullo Rudaki and the archeological excavations of ancient Pendjikent of
V-VIII centuries, and do a lunch, which are very popular in Central Asian tour
programms. This kind of tour takes a full day, and after tourists can continue the main programm.Or it is possible to make one day tours during your turkmen trip,
to Kunya-Urgench, the same kind of tour to Nisa and Baharden, where you
can visit the Turabek mausoleum,Sultan Tekke mausoleum, Arstan tomb, the highest minaret Kutlug Timur.

- Excursion programm in Pendjikent and picnic in mountains - full day
programm SS and visit to “Seven lakes” near in Pendjikent.
- The given programm might be promoted in the flail of excursion
programms to ancient cities of Khiva,Bukhara, Samarkand and Pendjikent.Pendjikent – the ancient tajic town is famous for it's republican historical-ethnographic museum of Abuabdullo Rudaki and the
archeological sites of ancient Pendjikent of V-VIII cc.After sightseeing
in Pendjikent, tourists change the city bus to mountain one and drive to mountain lakes of Fann, where they do a small trekking and the lunch on the bank of mountain lakes.After the wonderful lunch-picnic, descending to Pendjikent, tourists will drive back to Samarkand.
- Two-three days trekking and excursions in the countries of Central Asia:
- In Fann mountain Pamir-Alay;
- In Great Pamirs - mountain Pamir;
- In Fergana valley Pamir-Alay (Kyrghyzstan, Uzbekistan).
- In Ala-Archa in Bishkek mountain Tien-Shan;
- Canyon for Charinski Tien-Shan (near Almaty)

- Very interesting combined tour introduces tourists with the famous architectural
monuments of the ancient cities of Great Silk Road Samarkand and Bukhara.Desert
surrounding and lying at the foothills of Zerafshan range Samarkand and
Pendjikent with their very ancient history are still the most big and beautiful
cities of Central Asia.The excursions to these cities are varied with 2-3 days
mountain trekking in the unique, beautiful Fann mountains.High peaks,grandeous roky walls and picturesque mountain lakes with juniper forests and alpine grasses will open their charm to the travelers.
- Ethnographic and cognitive travels on Central Asia.
- In Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrghyzstan and Kazakhstan
- In the remotest areas of Tajikistan one can meet local inhabitants who speak the most ancient languages.For example, the ancestors of modern Tajiks -
the Yagnobs, still live in the Yagnob gorge of great Pamir mountains, which is 200 kms in the east from Pendjikent, who still speak in sogdian dialect.Some tour companies of West organise, ethnographic and cognitive tours there and the magnificent monuments, ancient sogian villages of Fatmev,Chore,Kum,Madm,Guzn with their aboriginals will impress the foreig- ners visiting there.Here it is possible to see trees with fabric pieces,tied to their branches - a tribute to the spirit of the mountains, Arabik insscriptions and silhouettes of palms,stamped on rocks according to the ismailite customs, and holy mazars – enshrined tombs of prominent muslim figures.So, this kind of tour is characteristic for the countries of zbekistan,Turkmenistan,Kasakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
- Safaree,autotours along Pamirs in Tajikistan and on Central Asia.
Safaree tours through deserts of Karakum - Turkmenistan and deserts of Kizilkum - Uzbekistan, include Boukhara and Navoi regions, where, in a comfortable jeeps tourists will experience themselves as in the caravans roads of Great Silk Road. During the safaree it is possible to see sardobas, "a domed water reservoirs for the shepherds and the for those who felt thirsty in the long desert way. Saksaul trees, saigaks and some other desert animals and insects - are characteristic for steppes of Korakum and Kizilkum.
- Mountain trekkings.

- Trekking in Fann Mountain Pamir-Alay -
- FANN mountains is the pearl of Central Asia.This is the ideal plece
for trekkers, hikers,climbers,lovers of picnics on horseback and etc,.
Fann mountains have more than ten peaks with the hight of 5000 ms more.
Among them is the majestic peak of Chimtarga(5484ms) is the highest in
the area.Here, the banks of crystal-clear lakes are overgrown with
forests of relic archa-tree, which can be found only here.This part of
great Pamir was the best place for mountaineers,trekkers and tourists,
since 1960 years.

Trekking in high Pamir –Murgab, Vanch, Langar, Wrang, Karakul lake, Zorkul lake, Bachor, Muzkol, Sarez lake, Vakhan valley, Bartang.
- What is Pamir? It is the Great Pamir, "The Roof of the World"and according to it's size and popularity it can be compared only with Sahara,or Great walls of China. This is the country of the mountains with it's virgin beauty, and mysteric history coming from the depth of centuries. Pamir is also famous for being the country of Great Silk Road, as it has three branches:
- Vakhan branch,
- Shugnan branch,
- Karategin-Pamir branch, and during the trekking in these areas, one can see the remotest zaroastrian and buddhian temples, the remains of ancient settlements
with exotic names like Yamchun,Yamg,Vrang,Zong,Varshez,Langar,Shashbuvad
and others.

Trekking in Pamir-Alay - Aksu
- This is the vast territory of the Great Pamir,which passes through the territories of three Central Asian stans:Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghyzstan.
It is the area separating Tien Shan and Pamir and consists of two main ridges Zaalaisky in the East and Zerafshan in the West.Tourrists cabn do trekkings in such a beautiful regions as Matcha,Fann,Zaalai ridge, every part of these areas boast several peaks for making small ascents and trekkings.It is possible to compile 3,5,7, days and even two weeks trekking programms in these regions and tourists will immencely enjoy their stay there.

Trekking in Tien-Shan
- Tien-Shan is popular for rich flora and fauna,trekkers can meet here a good welcome and the warm hospitability of local people.Here is the good opportunity for trekking,hiking, horse riding,thanks to it's charming nature and fantastically beautiful mountains.The length of Tien-Shan is 2500 km, 1560 kms of it passes through the territories of Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

- Active rest in the mountains.
In Fann Mountains Pamir.Trekking in Fann mountains is the really an unforgettable experience, as it does not demand from the tourists a special kind of training for mountains.This area attracts the tourists for being accessible to the people who are in a normal shape.After the trekking, or just after the stay in Fann mountains one can feel himself becoming more diligent and fresh.

- Climbing in Pamir.Pamir-Alay and in Fann mountains.
- The region comprises a group of ranges with more than 50 mountains over 5000 ms.The most high peaks ,which are favourite for climbers are:Samani (7494 ms),Evgenia Korjenevskay (7105 ms) staying a little to the north of Samani Peak,Lenin Peak (7134 ms),Khan-Tengri (6995 ms), Pobeda (7439 ms) and the others.There are some other peaks,which are also good for small alpinizm:
Among them - Karavshin peaks Aksu, Iskander, Piramidalnaya, 4810 m.
In Fann mountains - more than 5000 m peaks: Chimtarga - 5489m.
Energia - 5150 m., Mirali - 5135m. Sakharnaya Golova - 5100 m.
Bodkhana -5230m., Chapdara - 5300 m. Bolshaya Ganza - 5300 m.
Malaya Ganza 5050 m. and etc....

- Expeditions on Pamir, Tien-Shan.
Expedition to peak Samani(Kommunisma) (7495 m.) and Korjenevskaya
Expedition to Peak Lenin ( 7134 m.)Most expeditions are started from the
alpine bases.Helicopter provides the only link between the base camp
and the outside world.After the special training and acclimatization
period climbing part.It is the big honour for the climbers to make
ascents in
Great Pamir.

Expedition to peak Khan-Tengry - 6999 m.
Expedition to peak Pobeda 7450 m.

- Rafting in mountainous river of Zerafshan valley,and Pamir-Alay,
and in Pamir mountain rivers (Iskanender river, Fanndariya, Yagnob)
is the best experience for the tourists.
The high Pamir mountain rivers have high energetic powerful stream
like:Kafirnigan, Vakhsh, Obi Khingow, Sourkhob, Kyzyl-Sy, Muk-Su,
Pyanj, Gunt, Murgob and Vanch-darya.These rivers belong to the
cathegory of 2 up to 6 grade of complicasy.
This is the tour for braves and lovers of adventures.Mostly
tourists are taken by the special transport to the starting point
of the mountain rivers, after the trainig rafters will start their
tours in the wildest and strainy waters of the mountain river.Rafting
in them,one can feel himself in the undressed horse, experience fantas-
tic times, which stay in memory.

- Horse-riding tours.
- Horse riding tours are also popular kinds of tourism in Central
Asia.Most itineraries of this tours start with sightseeing of the ancient
cities,after this tourists will be taken by the special transport to the
starting point of the horse-riding paths.As usual tourists will be guided
with experienced guides, who know the habits of the horses and have the
good horse-riding skills.In the desert parts tourists will meet with yurts of
desert shepherds, and in the mountains they can stop in shelters of
mountain shepherds.It is a really an exotic tour which mostly welcomed by
the tourists.

- Camel riding tours.
- This tour gives the impression of Ancient Caraven ways, where by the
guidance of local guide tourists can feel themselves as the participants of trade
caravans going from East to West, and carrying their goods for selling in noisy
bazaar of ancient Orient.. This tour we organize in Pamir Murgab region.

- Helicopter excursions.
- Helicopters take the tourists to the inaccessible parts of Great Pamir
and on the top you can see the majestic panorama of the mountains with their
charming nature. It is possible to feel the dominance of the man over the nature, and the experience man's advantage in helicopter from other kinds of transport is vivid here.

- Heli-skiing.
- Winter vacations with heli-ski programm in Pamir mountains are
becoming more and more popular with foreign mountain skiers.Skiers are brought to the summits of Pamir, where the length of descent is more than 5-6 kms.Tourists are accompanied by the guides. Usually the skiers perform 48 descents.Time of flying by helicopter between hotel and disembarkation about 4-5 hours.Special equipment(skis,signal apparatus,first-aid and outfit) should be brought by tourists.

- Ecological tours.
- The lot of Eco tours we organize in Fann mountain in Tajikistan;
- Most people in Central Asia are worried with the problem of Aral sea.
The scale of the ecologic catastroph is so large, that even foreign
people also started to show their interest to this region.Man's attitude
toward the nature is now getting big positions in a modern life.For those who
are interested in Aral sea problems the special helicopter tours are organised,where
the tourists can see the scale of ecologic catastroph from the helicopter.

- Combined tours SS along ancient towns of Tajikistan and Central Asian countries and mountain trekkings in Fann mountains.
- Very interesting combined tour introduces tourists with the famous architectural monuments of ancient cities of Silk Road Samarkand,Bukhara, The excursion to these cities are varied with mountain trekking in the unique,beautiful Fann mountains.High peaks,grandeous rocky walls and picturesque mountain lakes with juniper trees forests and alpine grasses will open their charm to the travelers..

- Travels on deserts and in the mountain spaces.
- During this tour the clients will see the sharp contrasts of the area:
lifeless deserts,ice-covered high peaks and the gorges with river canyons,
alpine grass and turquiose lakes,tropical heat and severe ice cold.

TREKKINGS: The best tours in Fann mountain and Pamirs

You are offered the very interesting route,connecting the dimensions of two periods,of the past and the present, the root of which goes far to that unknown period of Zoroastrism,descendants of fireworshippers.These last, "Preserved Tribes of Pamir" kept their history,culture, way of life and traditions up to present time.These people live in the mountaineous valley of Zerafshan ranges of Pamir.
You'll be given the chance to see in our route,consisting of two parts and takes it's beginning from the uppers of Zerafshan range, Pamir. The first part takes place through the mountain passes of Rost,Darg of Zerafshan range and the original,rough gorge of Yagnob valley and goes up to the Margib village.
The second part starts from the pearl of Phan mountains lake Iskanderkul,passes through picturesque forests,mountain passes,iceglaciers to the cascade of mountaneous lakes"Seven Bellies" and finishes in the mountain base of "Vagashtan".


Very interesting combined tour introduces tourists with
the famous architectural monuments of the ancient cities of
Great Silk Road Samarkand and Bukhara.Desert surrounding
Bukhara and lying at the foothills of Zerafshan range -
Samarkand, with their 2500 years of history are still the most
big and beautiful cities of Central Asia. The excursions to
these cities are varied with mountain tracking in the unique,
beautiful Phan mountains.High Peaks,tremendous rocky walls
and picturesque mountain lakes with juniper forests and Alpine
grasses will open their charm to the Travellers....


Picturesque Phan mountains of Pamir-Alay and ancient
monuments of history and archeology of one of the biggest
cities of Great Silk Road connects each other in this tour.
Legendary cities of Samarkand,Bukhara and Pendjikent with
their deep history will open their oriental charm.
Phan mountains meet the travellers with mountain coolness
and crystall-freshness of the air.The route called,"Golden
Ring of Phan mountains"lies along the mountain path,put
through the pass around the highest point of the region - peak
Chimtarga.Juniper trees,lakes with indelible beauty of the
surrounded landscape,moraines,ice-glaciers and tempestuous
rivers meet tourists on the route.This tour ends in a hot
Bukhara,where tourists via Tashkent will fly home.


Phan mountains - is the unique mountain region,lying between
Zerafshan and Gissar ranges of Pamir-Alay.Majority of large and
small lakes,as a pearl,scattered in the valleys and gorges bet-
ween the majestic peaks of 5000 ms hight covered with eternal
snow.The route starts with visiting of two the most ancient cities
of Great Silk Road - Samarkand and Boukhara.After the acquaintance
with the cities tourists will move to Marguzor lakes,which is
called "Seven Bellies"by local people.This is the starting point
for all trackings to Phan mountains.After overcoming some passes
tourists will occur in the heart of this mountain region - in
Kulikalon lakes, the picturesque place,surrounded with grandeuos
rocky walls.Mountain trackings will be finished in Alouddin lakes,
from where tourists drive to Samarkand via Pendjikent.....


Legendary cities of Great Silk Road,Samarkand and Boukhara
with their 2500 years of history and beautiful architectural
monuments,hospitable people and noisy bazaars,will be visited
by the tourists at the beginning of the tour.Then changing the
Asian heat to the mountain coolness,tourists will happen in
the Phan mountains.Tourists pass through major mountain lakes,
Juniper trees,tempestuous rivers,moraines and glaciers.....


Picturesque Phan mountains of Pamir-Alay and ancient mounuments
of history and archeology of one of the biggest cities of Great Silk
Road connects each other in this tour.
Legendary cities of Samarkand,Boukhara and Penjikent with their
deep history will open their oriental charm. And all this in the unique
harmony,where after the excursion on the ancient cities,the traveller
will happen in the open embraces of Phan mountains of Pamir-Alay.
Phan mountains will meet you with noisy rivers,with aroma of fresh
air,hiking on wild paths,on whicn sogdians walked many centuries ago
- these will create surprising adventures....


Interesting tracking through the picturesque Turkestan ridge region. A
mild and sunny climate, the clearest springes, alpine meadows, ancient
glaciers surrounded by five-thousand meters summits and sheer mountain
walls attract the best climbers and a great number of tourists from all
over the world. After tracking you'll be acquainted with the fantastic
monuments of Samarkand and Bukhara.

PAMIR TRACKING. PTr.N 8 "Matcha - The heart of Pamiro-Alai".

Matcha is the enormous mountainous <country>, situated in the heart
of Pamiro-Alai, at the joint of three high-mountainous ranges-Turkestnskiy,
Alaiskiy, Zerazhsansliy. Matcha is the <country> of contrasts, exotic and
legends. Relict juniper forests, snow peaks, alpine meadows, grandiose
ice-falls, turquoise lakes and gigantic stones blocks are existed here. The
guests of this<country>will see Karakul-Katta lake- the black pearl of
fairy Soz canyon, grandiose and unique ice-fall Raigorodskogo, feel the
cordiality and hospitality of chabans, appreciate unforgettable beauty of
the valleys and rivers - Kshemish, Nurlou, Kalai-Makhmud .

PAMIR TRACKING PTr.N 9 "Peaks of Pamir-Alai".

Non-complicated tracking to one of the most beautiful regions of
Pamiro-Alai - the region of famous Aksu Peak. Vertical rock walls for kms,
glaciers, crystal clean rivers, bright sun, good paths - all these things
make the region very attractive for the tourists and mountaineers from the
whole world. The offered track gives the opportunity to feel a closeness to
the nature, enjoy the views of wonderful mountainous peaks and juniper
forests, to taste the cup of delicious tea in the yurt of Kirgiz chabans.

The History tours N 1
- Excursion alonfg ancient Sogdian towns inPenjikent;
- Excusrsion along Khujand; “Timurmalik fortress” 11-12 cc;
- Excursion along ancient Kulyab; maosolum “Mir Said Ali Hamadony”
- Excursion along ancient Bunjikat Shakhristan;
- Excursion along ancient Mug-Teppa & Kuk-Gumbaz in Istaravshan;

The History tours N 2 “Along path of the Great Timur”

On the spaces of Central Asia there are situated hundreds of architectural monuments of all epochs.Among them the famous ones as Khiva, Boukhara, Samarkand. These towns for many hundred years fought against each other for the fame of capital.They were the centres of science and the art.The great architects created palaces,mosques and mausoleums. Many of those masterpieces didnot come to our days,but according to those, which preserved up to our days it is possible to restore the pages of far past....


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