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Matcha - The Heart of Pamiro-Alai

Matcha is the enormous mountainous, situated in the heart of Pamiro-Alai, at the joint of three high-mountainous ranges-Turkestanskiy, Alaiskiy, Zeravhsanskiy. Matcha is the of contrasts, exotic and legends. Relict juniper forests, snow peaks, alpine meadows, grandiose ice-falls, turquoise lakes and gigantic stones blocks are existed here. The guests of thiswill see Karakul-Katta lake- the black pearl of Matcha, fairy Soz canyon, grandiose and unique ice-fall Raigorodskogo, feel the cordiality and hospitality of chabans, appreciate unforgettable beauty of the valleys and rivers - Kshemish, Nurlou, Kalai-Makhmud


Day 1 Arrival to Tashkent. transfer to Samarkand.. L=300km. T=4hours. Hotel.
Day 2 Excursion on architectural monuments of Samarkand city.
Day 3 Transfer to Fergana (Kokand). L=450 km. T=6hours. Hotel.
Day 4 Transfer on the mountain road to the valley of Soh river. Interleaving of Uzbek and Kirgiz settlings. L=120km. O=5hours. Camp near Kyrgyz village Raut. H=2100m.
Day 5 Transfer along Palalouz river through the mountain pass Sari-Chashme. (3730m.) L=7km. T=5hours. Camp in upper Nurlow river in dense, beautiful, juniper wood. I=3200m.
Day 6 Descent along Nurlow river to the Kshemish river. On the way the rest near small, but attractive lake Karakul. Timber landscape. L=10 km. O= 5-6 hours. Camp not far from Kshemish village, in the comfortable fruit garden. Possible visit a national kirgiz house. I=2200 m.
Day 7 Ascent along the river Kshemish under the same name glacier (long 8 km). Contrast of change an landscapes from steppest, through juniper wood to alpine meadows. L=10 km. O=5hours. Camp on the alpine lawn"Tubek". I=3000m.
Day 8 Walk on Kshemish glacier. Beautiful views on rocky-glacier walls and glaciers of massive of Kshemish-Bashi peak e (5282 i). Return in the camp.
Day 9 Ascent on the mounting pass Double. L=4km. O=5-6hours. The most difficult mounting pass on the route. But from the pass you can see beautiful views on most high tops of Matcha bundle - a Soldier (5398m) and Rocky (5621m). Camp on the moraine field. I=3700m.
Day 10 Passage through snow-covered mounting pass Double (4090m) to the most beautiful lake Karakul-Katta surround rocks and juniper woods. L=6km. O-5hours. Camp near lake. I=2800m.
Day 11 Passage through the mounting pass Kudaktir (3280m). From the mounting pass is opened majestic panorama of Alay range. Descent to the river Kalay-Mahmud, where opened impressive views on ice-fall of Raygorodskiy glacier. This unique phenomena of nature. The glacier (8 km) is torn off powerful an ice-fall (6000m) with enormous blocks of ice and huge cracks. L=10km, O=6hours. Camp on the bank of Kalay-Mahmud river.
Day 12 Descent along Kalay-Mahmud river, through deep canyons to Dugman village. L=10km, O=5hours. Camp in the apricot garden. I=1500m.
Day 13 Transfer to Tashkent through Kokand city. Hotel. L=360km. O=6hours.
Day 14 Excursion around Tashkent.
Day 15 Transfer to the airport. Departure from Tashkent.

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